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About Gareebiunmulan (GUWS)

About few years earlier we started our journey with people from different community with good souls for a good reason to dedicate their Precious time, resources and skills in reaching out to those needy men, women, children and families, irrespective of their caste, creed and status.
Children from slums area, tribal area and other vulnerable communities to move on in life with the means of providing education & healthcare facilities and also making aware about them. GUWS has faith in providing all the resources to the needy children to support and direct their childhood in a leading way by educating and empowering them.

GUWS provide important information to people to protect environment. The society was established with believes in welfare and development of poorest people from rural areas. We started our society in 2010 with the curiosity to help people with handful supporters and more advance we deal of determination. About 80% of Indians still resides in rural & semi urban areas these areas has vast potential of talent and intellectual energy. If this group of people not empowered then nation as a whole cannot develop so we felt that it is just the beginning still there is long way to go and lot more needs to be done.

Free Medical Camp And Treatment For Poor People

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Help Promote Women Empowerment In The World

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Environment Protection

To Protect environment we organize various camps to aware people to plant more and more trees to protect our planet from global warming for our next generations.

To Educate poor people

Illiteracy is one of the biggest problem of our country. To bring the tribal community in main stream we need to educate them and let them know about their fundamental ...

Stop Child Labour

Children are the future of our country, so we have to educate the children instead to throwing them to work in industries/small shops. All of us have to raise our ...


  • 01. To help and to organize awareness programme for SC, ST, OBC, minorities, helpless women, orphan child in education, cultural activities, economical and social development.

    02. To train women for self employment by making them trained in sewing, weaving, painting, doll making, beautician training and other vocational courses.

  • 03. To organize several programme for complete development of women and to aware then to stop about torture of women, harassment, molestation, rape, child marriage, prostitution and fetus killing.

    04. To provide technical and non technical training programme like typing, computers and electronics for self employment to the unemployed educated youth.

  • 05. To organize several camps to provide proper nutrition and information to pregnant women and to resurrected widow marriage.

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